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Students Moving Classes
by Andrew Spies - Monday, 13 February 2017, 1:40 PM

Web Morning Class students this is a reminder to all, this is the last chance to volunteer to move to the afternoon class. We will be moving students at the end of the first module regardless. Please come see us if you are able to move, your assistance in this is appreciated.

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Talking to mommy and daddy
by Hannelore Oliver - Friday, 10 February 2017, 11:40 AM

Dear students - if you gave your mom, dad, gran or boyfriend's email address as your contact email address upon registration, these significant others will be receiving your notices and academic feedback letters. They might even get access to your results before you do, and you might remain in the dark. 

If this was your intent, happiness. 

If not, provide us with your own email address. 

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SRC elections
by Hannelore Oliver - Tuesday, 7 February 2017, 4:34 PM

empire needs you

The Student Representative council needs YOU! 

Elections in class this Thursday and Friday.